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“Amazing experience with a local personal trainer - The EDPT (Carter)!! So over the past 6 years I have managed to eat my way through life, and had gone from weighing 11 stones to weighing 15.5 stones! After 4 months of hard work and a very manageable nutrition plan, Carter has helped me lose 3.5 stone and I have gone from 27% body fat to 14% body fat! He has undone 6 years of abuse to my body in 4 months!! Each session was tough, different, but most importantly for me it was enjoyable. I'm over the moon with my results and can tell you The EDPT comes highly recommended. As I am new to this I am not sure if you can see the image I have put up, but the "before" picture is July 1st this year and the "after" picture is November 1st this year!” Gunny – Director of Parkers Removal Services

When I first started training with Carter, I was at the lowest point in my life both mentally and physically. I wasn’t taking care of myself, with no exercising or eating right. Not only physically was my life being impacted but mentally I found myself plummeting into a dark hole of depression. I reached the point where I knew I needed a life change and a sense of direction. My whole life I had been active with sports and activities. I’m a mum of two and run my own business so it’s fair to say I’m far from lazy. Most people go to personal trainers because they want to lose weight. Mine was a bit different, personal circumstances drastically changed my life and I knew my health would plummet if I didn’t do something about it. I have always exercised but until I used such an inspiring personal trainer I didn't feel I was getting the results my efforts deserved and just always seemed to feel low about myself and my eating habits (overload of sugary foods, skipping meals etc etc.) It was dominating my mind and I’d had enough! 
I have been training with Carter for about 9months now and I can truly say it has been the best decision I’ve made for me and my sanity! I train 4 times a week and not one of our sessions have been the same, they keep me on my toes, shattered, my body aches the next day like never before but I’m always wanting more and it feels amazing! 
Our sessions include high intensity interval training, circuit training, core strengthening and muscle toning and shaping and a good rollicking on eating better. My eating habits are not quite to perfection, yet, I still have my guilty pleasures but the guilt isn’t as daunting as before. It used to weigh so heavy on my mind, but I’m constantly getting advice and tips from Carter, so now I’m actually making wiser decisions when it comes to what I eat! Carter includes effective total body workouts in one hour. Our sessions are diverse including medicine ball training, kettle bell workouts, cardio and free weights and so much more, which keep my workouts fresh and enjoyable. 
I can testify that in my mid 30s I am in the best physical shape of my life. I would unreservedly recommend my inspiring personal trainer for his professionalism, dedication and sense of fun. He is very client-focused, highly professional and personable, seeks constant feedback from me, ensuring that our sessions are meeting my fitness goals. But more than anything Carter has become a true friend. Helped me at the most difficult time in my life and given me the strength and guidance I so well needed.”
Honey – Childminder and mum of 2


“Since training with the EDPT I have felt a massive boost in both mental and physical fitness, his program is easy to get in to and very enjoyable to be part of. At the same time it never gets boring because the exercises are continuously changed up for the best possible results” Joe - Male, age 22


“Hi, I am a mum of two and have been training with the EDPT for the past year. After a number of health setbacks (joint and kidney problems and finding out I have a intolerance to dairy) I found it really difficult to find the motivation to train and to find a personal trainer that could help me reach a level of fitness while showing a degree of care for my ailments. 
After training with a few personal trainers who made me feel like they were just after a pay check, I started training with The EDPT. Coach Carter was able to devise a training schedule for me that worked around my ailments and my children. He also helped me with my diet plan, so I could still eat nutritious food without affect my intolerance. 
After training with coach carter this past year I am in fantastic shape, I feel brilliant and most importantly my confidence is back. 
I would highly recommend The EDPT.”
Polly – Mum of 2


“I am not a fitness fanatic, don't really enjoy cardio and have never had a personal trainer. But I decided to try a session with Carter and have to say I was very impressed. Lovely man; calm, knowledgeable and thoughtful. He takes an evidence-based approach to fitness and health which I like, and promotes good technique over speed. We shall see if I can become a convert! If you are looking for a personal trainer, in my opinion you need look no further than Coach Carter.” Lucy – Mum of 2

"I signed up with Carter at the end of November and I have just finished the first round of 16 x 1hr sessions where I was doing an average of two sessions per week with the exception of the Christmas break. 

I just wanted to highly recommend Carter and to give him a shout out to anyone who wants to get fit, toned and increase stamina in the comfort of your home whether it is short term or long term. Having been diagnosed with high cholesterol, I also needed to find a regular exercise pattern which increased my cardio, but not just being on the treadmill. I'm also not disciplined at following DVD workouts like Jillian Michael's. 

My long work week would invariably find me having a wasted gym membership and not being able to join classes which would be either full or overcrowded. Having not been for months, it would make me even less motivated and demoralised to start again.....until I met Carter from The EDPT who I found on the East Dulwich Forum!! 

Carter went though a thorough assessment (training history, injuries, diet and goals). I really wanted to work with someone I could trust, who was encouraging, and motivating. Having done some training before and been a regular at the gym, I needed that extra support, structure and discipline in getting me into shape in a sensitive but motivating way. 

The workout that Carter designed for me over the first 16 session was a mixture of cardio, weights, core muscle strengthening and muscle stretches. It was really, really tough the first 5-10 sessions as I was so out of shape, but the silver-lining is that I have been gradually getting fitter and toned. I can definitely see and feel the difference and the benefit of having a personal trainer has really helped me reach the first part of my invested goal. 

I have chosen to sign up for another 16 sessions as I need to have a disciplined, routine and a motivating coach. Even if you try a few sessions, you will be in great hands!!"
Akila - Finance Director


"I just wanted to highly recommend Carter who runs EDPT personal training - I've been working out with him now for about 7 weeks now and have already lost 8cm off my mummy tummy. After having a baby last February I've struggled to lose the extra weight I gained. I also was so out of practice with exercising in general... I needed help and Carter has not only been my solution - he has also given me my confidence back. Training sessions are varied and although he pushes me, he is very supportive. He also provides a diet plan and is on hand to keep you on track and remind you of your goals. He is fantastic - if your thinking of getting a trainer - look no further!!" - Zinia - New Mum of 1


"I am now working with Carter as well! Its very early days, I am fighting sciatica problems and generally I am not fit, never done any sports or workouts so its more like a physiotherapy at the beginning but I am excited a d motivated to work on my fitness thanks to EDPT and feel very positive about the outcomes already (week3) so watch this space" - Pavla - Mum of 2


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