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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the vainest of them all?!

So, working out in the local gyms over the past few weeks with a huge influx of gym newbies looking to shift that post-Christmas weight, I have noticed so much emphasis is on ‘mirror muscles’. For those not familiar with the term, mirror muscles literally refers to the muscles you would see when posing for a body selfie… usually chest, abs and biceps!

Whilst I’m no way against working these muscle groups, I know training would be a lot more effective if we put muscle groups in to perspective against what we are trying to aim for. I mean, if all you ever want is to look good in front of a mirror, then so be it, smile, snap and share so all your friends can see! Looking pretty cool – hu!

Ok, so let’s say that you actually believe that paying attention to these muscle groups will someway condition you better to be a stronger, fitter, better you. Ever tried a Tough Mudder or other obstacle course race? Or maybe something as simple as walking with your weekly shopping back to your house? Or even still, what about just some general stuff, like clearing out the garden….going to lift that heavy log at the back of the garden, only to find out you don’t quite have what it takes. After all those bicep curls and abdominal crunches surely they would have helped? I mean you look the part right? The mirror wouldn’t lie?

....or would it?

So what I am getting at? If you haven’t guessed it already - working on the muscles you wouldn’t typically see directly in front of a mirror. The muscles at the back of the body; aka the posterior chain.

In order to become stronger, to maintain good posture and to have generally better physical ability you should have a balanced workout routine. Primary focus on large muscle groups, which arguably you will find more at the posterior side of the body. For example, the back or back of the legs and bum. Huge muscle groups which should definitely get some serious attention in the gym. (Mainly referring to your training regime here as opposed to the onlookers staring at your bum).

If you are looking to gain mass. Then look no further as these muscles groups provide the perfect platform to develop and get that beefed up look. What about losing weight? Well believe it or not, focusing on these muscle groups again provide a great platform. Being so large in size working these groups gives your body a boost in metabolic ability and will help give you that overall burn a lot quicker, ultimately burning calories at a greater rate than smaller muscle groups.

Personally to keep my workouts fresh and varied I sometimes decide to concentrate on the posterior chain for a full workout routine. Its nice to sometimes mix it up and keep the body guessing.

Why not give it a go yourself!

Best of luck

Coach Carter

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